Single use

SINGLE-USE? NO PROBLEM! It’s ok to use single-use cups, if it’s ONLY an edible biscuit cup.

Fight against waste and alternatives to disposable cups

As Cupfree-UAE, we share our believe that modern technologies combined with natural ingredients from our ancestors is the right step forward to achieve waste-free, eco-friendly and wellbeing environment.

Promoting and distributing edible waffle cups Cupffee, making it available to everyone is the engine to get there. Our waffle cups will not just contribute to sustainable living but will also change the traditional way of drinking coffee and tea, bringing unique “crispy” moments and joy.

The battle against disposable cups started, but war is far from winning. Various alternatives to disposable cups are in place around the world, but none of them is well implemented or proven successful for the businesses or customers. Here is the reality.

Recycling paper cups


Reusable cups


Compostable cups


How different are we and what is the alternative provided by Cupfree-UAE?

We strongly believe that our edible wafer biscuit cup Cupffee is the right alternative for winning the war against waste, fully replacing disposable or even porcelain cups. No need to consider anymore strategies for recycling, or reusing, or decomposing, but simply eat it as a complimentary biscuit to your coffee/tea/juice beverages. If you decide to throw the cup away rather than eat it, it will naturally decompose within a week without harming natural habitat. waffle cup Cupffee remains crispy long after finishing your drink, it’s naturally simple, looks great and satisfies all ages and tastes. It is suitable for every kind of hot or cold drink and much more. Cupffee does not have any glazing, so it does not alter the taste of the beverage. The magic is in the recipe! It is as tasty as a cookie and completely leakproof for a day. Try it! Munch it! We bet you would love it!