Handmade chocolates from 100% natural cacao beans, nuts, dried fruits and nothing else – From cacao beans to a bar of craft chocolate. It is vegan, lecithin free, gluten free, palm oil free.


The story of Casa Kakau began in 2016 when Ivan and Iva Ilchev decided to prepare homemade chocolate from cocoa beans for their son. He is highly allergic to milk and dairy products and for him it had to be milk and animal products free, with no lecithin, gluten, additives, preserves, stabilizers or other substances that might compromise his condition. The chocolate turned out to be of exceptional tasty and quality, so they decided to share their original family recipe with more people who follow natural and healthy diet.

Today Casa Kakau can offer a larger portfolio of Vegan and Organic chocolate.
We have never produced anything with animal ingredients and we can guarantee 100% the pure vegan origin of our goodsWe use only natural products, nuts and dried fruits to live up to our slogan – Natural & Pure. This strict dedication to quality and control allowed us to become the first and only Bulgarian bean-to-bar manufacturer that is internationally recognized, with numerous awards from food and chocolate contests in The UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Hungary and Bulgaria. – says Ivan Ilchev, the founder of the company.
All Casa Kakau products are made from cocoa beans, which the company directly imports from personally selected farms in Ecuador. Thus, the brand can guarantee the freshness and the high quality of its chocolates, while at the same time improves the quality of life of the farmers who raise the cocoa.

handmade chocolates



Bean to Bar Chocolate

Stone ground

Ground in a traditional stone grinder. Next the coaching takes many hours to make high quality chocolate.

Minimum number of ingredients

It is made from natural ingredients: 100% natural cacao beans, nuts, dried fruits and nothing else.

Suitable for a vegan diet

It does not contain any animal products. It is 100% Vegan


Hand-pick the best cocoa beans. The chocolate is made and packed by hand with maximum care and precision using a family recipe.

Casa Kakau is the most awarded Bulgarian chocolate brand with international acknowledge from blind tasting and specialized food competitions in the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and Bulgaria:

30 July 2019 Casa Kakau – Silver Medal “European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-bar Competition” 2019;

12 June 2019 , Casa Kakau – Bronze Medal “Academy of Chocolate London” 2019;

12 June 2019 , Casa Kakau – second Bronze Medal “Academy of Chocolate London” 2019;

10 November 2018, Casa Kakau – three Gold Medals “Interfood & Drink 2018”;

August 2018 Casa Kakau – Bronze Medal “European Bean-to-Bar Competition 2018”;

March 2018, Casa Kakau was cited by the British newspaper – “The Independent” as one of the world’s most unique places to make chocolate. The full article you can read here.;

August 2017 Casa Kakau – Silver Medal “Eastern European Competition” 2017;

November 2017 – “Vegan Innovation Award” in Cologne, Germany;

November 2017 – Casa Kakau – Gold Medal “Interfood & Drink 2017”.